The Lucky Cat Society is a society that is led by 10 Legendary Lucky Cats who we always look up to. Us Lucky Cats used to co-exist with humans in the past, living and working together in the same community. We thought everything was going well, it turns out that we were wrong, humans had been planning to wipe us out behind our backs. A long time ago, there was a global mission to wipe out all cats from existance. They nearly succeeded, but some of us managed to escape and hid underground, there were about 2222 of us remaining from the hundreds of millions global. Hence, we named ourselves the Lucky Cat Society because we believe we are the lucky ones. After the tragedy, we decided to stealthily make a kingdom, deep in the jungle where no human has ever found to this date. And now, we are ready to take back what’s ours. Help our society be what it once was!

This road map will give you an idea of where Lucky Cat Society is headed in the near future. We have a set of pre-existing, but ever-evolving, ideals that we follow. We can definitely achieve what we want, or even better, if we follow these steps and, of course, with your help!

10 Legendaries Lucky Cats

A collection is as good as its community, that is why our first goal is to build a strong and healthy community. Aside from the 2222 collections of Lucky Cat, we are releasing 10 legendary one-of-a-kind 1/1 special edition Lucky Cats with unique animations. Two of these Legendaries are hidden in the Lucky Cat Society's first mint for two lucky degens to discover, and the remaining 8 will be auctioned off.

Lucky Cat Society DAO

A selected few will be able to mint a maximum of 2 Lucky Cat Society NFTs during the pre-sale period. Following the launch, 15% of the proceeds will be donated to The Community Function Treasury. Moreover, Lucky Cat Society NFT Holders will be able to participate in a voting system to decide where we will be heading next in the future and what can we explore beyond.


We will be starting merchandise that is exclusive to holders only. Moreover, holders can also be a part of the creative team in which they are able to vote on which design we will release. There are endless possibilities that we can do! With the resources in our hands, we can honestly create everything, resulting in the expansion of the Lucky Cat Society brand.

Lucky Cat Society Charity Act

There are still millions of cats and kittens that need help. With the funds that we have gathered throughout the project and with your generous support, we can protect and save the lives of cats and kittens. We have allocated a number of funds to be donated to both domestic and foreign cat charity foundations. Your generosity means we can be there for cats and kittens in need—by providing humane care in disaster situations, helping shelters save more cats, and so much more.


The holders of each Lucky Cat Society NFT will also be automatically whitelisted for future generation collections of Lucky Cat Society, including future collaborations with other projects and continuation of the Lucky Cat Society. Moreover, we will actively market our collection through collaborations and social media platforms and gain credit through the support we have gotten until now.






Community Manager



Who are we?

We are a part of a society full of Lucky Cats gathering in Solana blockchain called Lucky Cat Society.

Where can we mint Lucky Cat Society NFT?

We will be minting on MonkeLabs, and Magic Eden for secondary market.

When is the mint date?

26 February 2022

Mint price?

0.88 SOL

How many Lucky Cat Society NFT can you mint?

WL members will be able to mint up to 2 Lucky Cat at pre-sale.

Public mint will be capped at 5 per transaction.